Bones – “The Bump in the Road” Review

Tonight, April 9th, when I tuned in to get my Bones fix for the week, I panicked as I saw that there was something wrong with the FOX channel, and continued to panic until the episode finally started (eight minutes in).

Because there’s a Baby Bones in the picture, it was obvious that there would be some adjustments for Booth and Brennan to make. I expected to see a lot of development and change in this week’s episode of Bones, “The Bump in the Road,” but once the channel actually started working, it wasn’t quite what I imagined.

The crime portion of this episode was about a headless female victim found on the side of the road. The team quickly gathers that she was dragged by a semi-truck, IDs her as the wife of a chestnut farmer and learns that she was an extreme couponer. The obvious possible suspects are approached – the truck driver, the farming husband, and other extreme-couponers who she had conflicted with. I quickly came to the conclusion that she had been attacked by someone with a shopping cart, and this belief was enforced when the Jeffersonian team figured out that she was hit in the head with the corner of something aluminum. I continued to yell out “shopping cart” as the episode kept hinting at the murder weapon as a shopping cart, only to be disappointed when Brennan figured out that it was, in fact, a metal clipboard the manager of a grocery store carried around. I don’t know about you, but it would have been way cooler if it was a shopping cart.

Between bits and pieces about the case, we of course, get some character interaction and large-scale plot development. However, rather than the obvious choice of following baby Christine, much of tonight’s episode followed the development of a relationship between Finn Abernathy (the new hick intern with a dark past), and Michelle, Cam’s adopted daughter. Though Cam had been the one to stand up for Finn when the others questioned if it was safe to work with him, she now is concerned and does not want him seeing Michelle. Cam does come around though, and everyone ends up happy… except me. As of right now, I don’t particularly like Finn’s character, and with a new baby in the mix, he and Michelle were not what I wanted to see in this episode.

Also, is anyone else wondering, “Where is Parker?”  If you don’t know, Parker is Booth’s son from a previous relationship. He has been in several episodes of every season, up until this one. You’d think they would include him more often (with him having a new baby sister and a new house to live in and all) but us viewers are eight episodes in and he is nowhere to be found! It isn’t realistic and it’s becoming quite annoying for a show that is almost wholly grounded in reality. Parker hasn’t even been mentioned in conversation; it almost seems as if the writers want us to forget he ever existed, which I won’t do. I’ll continue to be frustrated until he finally interacts with his new half-sibling.

7.5 out of 10


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