Red Poppy Ale – The Lost Abbey

Red Poppy Ale is a Flanders Red Ale, 5% ABV.

Appearance: A gentle pour yields a large three-finger tan head. Head is very bubbly and fades away very quickly to a patchy layer. The beer itself is a dark red-brown that turns to an intense rose red when held to the light.

Smell: Dominated by tart cherries and oak. Sour yeast funkiness works perfectly with the sourness from the cherries.

Mouthfeel/Taste: Body is smooth but beer is highly carbonated. Feels very bubbly on the tongue. Wonderfully sour. Tartness is almost mouth-puckering and can be felt all over the tongue, especially the back. Sour cherries blend perfectly with the oakiness from the aging. Finish is dry and acidic.

Overall: Flanders Red Ales are quickly turning into one of my favorite styles of beer. This beer takes the sourness of the style to the next level. Granted, if sourness is unappealing to you, then this beer will not be your favorite. Everything about this beer is amazing – from bottle design to the last dregs in the glass. It’s not cheap at $16 a 375ml bottle, but completely worth it in my opinion. If you like sours, do yourself a favor and pick this beer up.

98 out of 100


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